Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Reflections on yesterday’s training at GP!
I wanted to share with you some thoughts on classes yesterday and show my appreciation to all of you for your effort and progress….
First off….I thought all the groups starting with the 6am (setting a high bar) did an excellent job with form. For yesterday’s workout- efficiency with cycling and with our mechanics was key. The weight was light enough to muscle through, but all of you did a great job scaling with weights and reps too reinforce being patient for the hips to do the work (no early arm bend!) and between alternating from sumo deadlift high pulls and to power snatches; great to see!
For those of you scaling with weight to finish within a reasonable time and also reinforce taking your time for your set-up…I applaud your patience and also want to stress that there is a learning curve and each workout will vary, but overtime the patience will pay off!
With respect to double-unders….I can’t begin to share with you how proud I am to see some of you new to these improving and how committed you are to improving these. When I first came here in November there was less than 50% of people in classes without a rope and in the 5:30pm, everyone had invested in a rope. Shout out to Jake for his progress in the am class!
Energy/support- Every workout varies and some may be more conducive to cheer and support one another on…but the energy in classes- like the 5:30pm and seeing April and Lindsay and everyone cheer them on was awesome! It’s one thing to invest in your own training and come in and out, but to start investing in others’ successes or being the motivator besides the coach is what drew me into CrossFit and makes our culture unique.
Shout out to some impressive athletes putting up some ridiculous times including Angela Cole (11:22) and Liz Parry (10:05) and Jon Wier (9:07). Regardless of what level, it’s great to see everyone push for that last rep….whether it was Jim and Ted on the assault bike going to that dark place (Ted leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor) or Tom and Darrin grinding through that last set, Alex and Abdi having significant improvement in her snatch technique, and coaching both Jeremy and Karla in their faceoff at 7:30pm….soo many endless snippets of effort! That is what I shared to my significant other over dinner when asked how my evening was.
l just wanted to share with you all how much I love seeing this and enjoy coaching you all!
Keep it up!

WOD for Wednesday:

5X 2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk

Complete for time: Master’s Qualifier Workout 2017- 10 minute Cap


Shoulder to Overhead (135/95lbs); (115/80lbs)

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Score is weight and time to comments.

*This should be a load that you can complete in 3 sets or fewer for the first set of 21.  Be sure to scale accordingly!

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