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Balance Endurance Ride!

I always have members reaching out to me for additional conditioning program and along side our CF Balance Endurance program (found on our DC Endurance page and programmed by Brandon Petelin), Balance Ride classes are another option!
With the heat and traffic, these classes make it super convenient to get a great training session!  Talk about combining some aerobic work with all the variety we have in CrossFit! Chat with one another in classes and perhaps coordinating a class time to explore.  Take advantage of the convenience of these and always reach out to me with any other questions!
Last week, the ladies on the CF Balance team took to a class and felt really pushed and exhausted towards the end.  Obviously a group and buddies helps, but more importantly the class instructor and program uses gears and approximate RPMs the entire time and its very goal oriented and varied.  Just like a CrossFit workout, it’s what you put into it.  You can go in there and step outside your comfort zone and use the gears/RPMs for accountability and walk out of there shirtless, sweating, and exhausted!
I’ve included class descriptions of different class offerings below and please check out the schedule on the Balance Gym website.  Endurance Ride classes at TC: Emily teaches at TC M/W/Fri 6am and Michael at 6:15pm W.
Balance Express Ride

Looking to get some quality cardio on your lunch break? This is a 30 minute ride of interval zone training that is fast, fun and effective!

Balance Rhythm Ride 

Like a dance party on a bike. Balance Rhythm Ride is 45 minutes of seated and standing sprints, climbs, tap backs and jumps that will have you motivated to the music. 

Balance Endurance Ride

Whether you are preparing for a specific cycle or running race, or just want to increase your fitness level, this class is for you. 60-90 minutes of strict RPM targets throughout your ride will help you become a better endurance athlete and increase your overall fitness level.

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