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Managing CrossFit Balance Director/

CF Glover Park Director


Gym Phone: (202) 965-2121

Direct contact: (908) 246-7840

Danielle helps clients’ at CrossFit Balance achieve their goals by applying her passion and commitment to progress, involvement in the fitness industry for nearly 13 years, and diverse perspective gained as a competitive athlete in different arenas. Her prior experiences range in various training environments and programming including work with: boxers, rugby players, martial artists, bootcamp experience, and high school athletes, runners, and Crossfitters.

“We increase our knowledge through practice.” Danielle’s training environments ranged from the DC Downtown Boxing Club and Krav Maga Studio, to local yoga studios, outdoor parks and trails, and training environments such as Gold’s Gym and Fitness First Health Clubs. Danielle is an accomplished Equestrian within the American Horse Show Association, former club swimmer, and former collegiate and club rugby player for both the Maryland Stingers and the DC Washington Furies. Upon graduating from Gettysburg College, she sought an ideal program to supplement her rugby training. “I wanted to play rugby, lift heavy weights, box, and run a marathon all at once. It was exhausting trying to find a strength and conditioning program which supported all of these endeavors, until I found the sport of CrossFit.” In 2007, she connected with both Mark Crick and Graham King of Balance Gym.

Upon graduating from law school, Danielle’s journey in exploring CrossFit extended beyond herself to applying the CrossFit methodology with clients. In 2009, Danielle initiated and currently continues to build the community of coaches and athletes at CrossFit Balance across three of the Balance Gym locations. She seeks to encourage a strong and supportive, friendly community based upon effective and engaging coaching and programming.

Danielle is the Managing Director of CrossFit Balance/Director of Glover Park.  She has interned with the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Intern. She holds the following certifications: CrossFit Level I Certified Coach, CrossFit Endurance Certified Instructor, CrossFit Level II-Coaches Prep Course Certificate, USA Weightlifting Club Coach, and Certification by the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, American Canoe Association- Level 1 Paddleboarding Instructor.

Danielle placed 37th in the 2009 CrossFit Games, and has been a Regionals Individual Athlete from 2010-2014, helped develop and as an athlete for the CF Balance Team in both 2015 and 2016.  Her objective is to excite and challenge those in the program to becoming the best version of themselves and more!

336173_2454913052080_2070772049_oAndrew Shniderman

Youth Director/ Coach

As an all-sport athlete himself, Andrew knows the importance of incorporating different training styles to keep workouts fun and effective. Growing up playing a variety of sports, from soccer to swimming, Andrew has always been interested in health and fitness. Then, a little later on life, while attending school at the University of Miami, Andrew also developed a love for strength training.

Now holding a CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and CrossFit Kids, Andrew is teaching others just how fitness can improve every aspect of their lives.


Rob-HoweRob Howe

Rob has been involved in sports since he was 4 years old, starting off in dance and gymnastics lessons, finally switching over to ice hockey. Over the course of 20 years, Rob has played sports all over the world, trained under a variety of coaches and experienced a number of different training methods.

After becoming a power-lifter during college and squatting nearly 650 lbs, he realized he couldn’t do a pull-up or run a mile. At that point, Rob decided that it was important to focus on “true” fitness, changing his training regime to more high intensity, functional movement circuits. He soon started incorporating some of the main site WOD’s into his training and later switched over to the much higher volume SealFit training. This is when Rob fell in love with CrossFit, figured out how to do a pull-up, and became the great fit he was looking for.

Fitness and working out has always been a huge part of Rob’s life. Helping others progress in their fitness goals and stay safe has always been a passion of his.  He loves seeing members reach their potential and become valued members of the Balance community.

Rob loves competing in team CrossFit competitions and helping others do things they never thought they’d be able to do.

Mark Rapisardo


Mark moved to D.C. in December of 2013 from Virginia Beach, VA. Since a young age he played soccer, swam, and ran. Mark was first introduced to CrossFit when it became the conditioning program for his club soccer team in high school but did not actively incorporate it into his own training program until his time at the University of South Carolina. Mark eventually worked his way up to the SEALfit daily WODs and used that programming consistently for 5 years.

Mark has his Crossfit Level 1 Certificate and gets excited by introducing new people to CrossFit and helping them see how it can have positive effects on their daily routine. His favorite movements include handstands, barbell complexes, and double unders. His favorite workouts are Murph and anything with running.


Megan Davey 

Megan Davey is the newest addition to the Balance Coaching staff.  Megan comes to us with a diverse athletic background.  As a child, Megan competed in dance from the age of 4-14.  As a freshman in high school, Megan joined the Varsity Chee

rleading squad and signed up for a weight lifting class where she quickly found her calling in life.  “I bet you can’t lift that weight” was something you didn’t want to say to her.  If you did, she would prove you wrong!  Over the course of 2 years, Megan set and broke multiple records within the International Powerlifting Association (IPA) run by the owners of York Barbell.  To date, Megan holds 3 records (Bench Press, Back Squat, & Total) in the Teen 16-17 year old, 123 Lbs. weight class with the lifts of; 140 lbs. bench press, 250 lbs. deadlift, and 250 lbs. back squat (640 lbs. total).   After high school, Megan opted to lift girls instead of weights by becoming a member of the University of Maryland All-Girl Cheerleading Squad from 2000-2004.  Megan first began CrossFit in the summer of 2011 and knew that she had found her next goal – to coach CrossFit.  Seeing as she was basically a CrossFit Kid before CrossFit was even CrossFit, Megan now wants to focus on coaching in our Balance CrossFit Kids & Steve’s Club programs.


IMG_0336Evan Locke

One week after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in
2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering I started
CrossFit. Originally I was just looking for something to change up my
normal  gym routine, and satisfy the competitive feeling left over after wrestling for 7 years. CrossFit gave me both of those things and
I’ve been hooked ever since. I received my Level 1 Certification one year after starting CrossFit and have been an avid coach ever since always looking to offer whatever piece of advice I can to make someone better.

Whether I’m training for the opens or doing light skill work, every day I truly believe CrossFit is making me better not only as an athlete but as a person. CrossFit has taught me to push myself beyond my limits while making an entire new family of friends. Never have I been a part of such an amazing community, CrossFit for me is training for life. Work has brought me from Boston to DC and I look forward to coaching in a new community. Im excited not only to start helping as many people here maximize their potential in this sport , but also make an entire new amazing group of friends.

Lars Pettygrove

lars bio pic

Growing up a multi-sport athlete in an active household Lars came to appreciate the value of training not only to improve performance but overall quality of life. As a former college lacrosse player and current division 1 rugby player Lars has combined his love of sports and nature into an active lifestyle that includes interests like skiing, white water rafting, and backpacking.

Lars enjoys helping others achieve a better quality of life through increasing strength, fitness, and overall physical condition. Lars has his CF Level 1, CF Football Cert, and NASM PT Cert.

Shane O’Donnell

Shane Bio pic

I received my BS Degree in Health and Exercise Science from Bridgewater College in 2011. Soccer has always been the foundation of my life and fitness. On top of captaining my team at BC, I went on to receive All-Conference recognition, and continued my soccer journey through coaching following graduation.  Shane has his CF Level 1 Cert, is a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and his ACSM Personal Trainer Cert.

After my athletic endeavors, I found Crossfit as a full-time personal trainer. I truly believe in the methodology and the benefits it has across a variety of different populations. Crossfit has truly filled a void in my life, and has steadily built into a new passion. The competitive and community aspects of Crossfit play a huge role in my interest and desire to become more involved. There’s a fire in my belly to achieve not only my full potential in fitness, but other’s as well.


Kaitlin Hardy- Gymnastics Coach

kaitlin bio pic

Kaitlin began gymnastics in “Mommy and Me” class at Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center before her first birthday.  She trained at Parkettes for 17 years, qualifying twice to Level 10 National Championships before continuing on to NCAA Division 1 Gymnastics at Cornell University where she part of 3 Ivy League and one ECAC Conference Championship Teams.  She began Crossfit in 2014 and a year later began traveling the world with The Outlaw Way staff taking over gymnastics program for several regionals and Crossfit Games athletes.  She competed on Team Balance at the 2015 and 2016 Crossfit Regionals and for the past 6 months has enjoyed teaching gymnastics class at Crossfit Balance.  Additionally, she has coached women’s gymnastics for the past 3 years and is a USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach. Earth day lesson plans k-5 earth day curriculum resources the national education association produced this resource for teachers, which features seven in-depth lesson plans, earth day games, and a list of outside check this source out links for students in grades k-5