CrossFit Endurance

Monday evening track workouts will resume in the Spring 2017.  We provide three weekly on our blog below:


The CrossFit Endurance (CFE) program is geared towards improving performance, fitness, and endurance sports potential. Unlike traditional long, slow distance training, CFE eliminates unnecessary volume and increases the intensity of training sessions. Long duration training with low intensity can result in athletes who are less powerful, less lean, and more injury prone. Conversely, CFE will make you faster, leaner, and more powerful.

The CFE workouts are intended to compliment, not replace, the regular CrossFit (CF) programming.  Because CFE is designed to fit within the general structure of CF, CFE can to be completed as part of your regular CF programing. Ideally, someone using CFE would double-up on workouts on at least 1 of the 2 CFE days.


  • Increase your aerobic base as one of the 10 general physical skills of CrossFit.
  • Developing a sense of pacing and building more confidence in your aerobic capacity and performing other CF workouts.
  • Refining your form and mechanics.  CFE is also a place to work on form, mechanics.  By improving running form, through drills, you become a more efficient runner/rower (or whatever other sport you participate in). With this in mind, CFE helps refine sports-specific skills.
  • Injury prevention
  • In addition, if someone is training for a specific race, we would typically recommend a third/additional workout to do on the weekends which progressively builds up to their goal race/competition.


  • The CFE workouts consist of 1 group workouts a week and programming including 3 workouts.
  • The short interval workout is intended to increase power and speed and improve VO2 max.
  • These workouts tend to work more fast twitch muscles.
  • The long interval workout is intended to increase lactate threshold and aerobic capacity. These workouts are designed to work more slow twitch     muscles and adapt the body to better burn fat.
  • Both workouts are designed to improve/shorten recovery and build a better athlete, whether you are trying to improve workout times, PR a race, or just become more fit, generally.
  • Mixing the duration/distance/intensity in the 2 different time/distance-domain workouts helps build a more well rounded athlete.
  • Just like all CF workouts, the CFE workouts are all scalable to a persons athletic ability. Workouts can be scaled in a wide combination of ways: distance, intervals, work:rest time.
  • No one should be scared by what looks like a really long or difficult workout.
  • We program other movements to some of the workouts to break up the monotony of just running/rowing all the time.

The program is led by Coach Brandon Petelin: 
Brandon has been a competitive athlete for most of his life. It started with ice hockey at age 4 and, ultimately, evolved into his current addiction to ultra-trail running (100+ miles) and multi-day self-supported races.

After years of traditional weight-training and long-slow-distance (LSD) training programs, he turned to CrossFit Endurance in 2012, and he hasn’t looked back since. CFE has been central to his athletic development. Brandon’s coaching philosophy is to  develop a properly constructed training program that includes a varied mix of strength, conditioning, and endurance workouts individually tailored to help a particular athlete meet his/her goals.

He continues to train and compete regularly and shares what he learns during training and competition with others.  He especially enjoys seeing others excel and accomplish their goals.