Q: Who do I contact for more information regarding CrossFit Balance Glover Park?
A: Contact Danielle at to schedule a consultation to:

* Tour CrossFit Balance: Glover Park and Balance Gym Glover Park
* Discuss our programming and class structure
* Discuss your goals
* Register for Foundations/membership

If you know CrossFit is for you and are seeking to register for Foundations/, you must contact Danielle (  to take care of paperwork prior to your Foundations course date. Pre-registration is required for group Foundations.

Q: I would like more information on CrossFit Balance Glover Park and would like to attend the Introductory Class. What is this? Is it required prior to Foundations?
A: The Introductory class meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. We do not require pre-registration or experience to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet a CrossFit Coach, check out the facility, learn more about our workouts, and experience a modified CrossFit workout. This is not the same as the Foundations course. The introductory class is free. This is another option for those who would like to sign up. You may register for Foundations/membership following class.

Q: What are my membership options?
A: We offer a month to month membership, 4 month, 6 month, and 12 month memberships that roll in to month-to-month after their term. The cost per month ranges from $209 per month to $159 per month. There is no enrollment fee. The Foundations course is included in your first month of membership. The Foundations course is held on Saturdays.  If you cannot make the day and time, we offer one-on-one Foundations at an extra cost.

Q: What distinguishes a CrossFit Balance Glover Park membership from a regular health club membership, which is cheaper?
A: You are investing in a membership for coaching, not just a gym membership. We program for you. By joining CrossFit Balance Glover Park, you are committing to a lifestyle change: getting in shape, learning how to lift, embracing healthy eating habits, and having the supportive community of coaches and members, friends.

Q: What is the Foundations Course?
A: The Foundations course is three hour class scheduled by attendance, held on Saturdays (time and location varies, contact for details). This class is designed to introduce the technique and mechanics of CrossFit’s nine basic movements, proper warm up techniques, cool down/recovery, and skill work.

Q: How should I be tracking my workouts?
A: BUY A NOTEBOOK. Tracking your progress is vital. Write down the day’s workout, how much weight you used, how fast you did it, how you may have scaled it, etc. As time passes, you’ll be able to see steady improvements in your strength and metcon numbers. You can’t track progress with a mirror. Body composition changes will certainly occur, but shifting your focus to performance rather than appearance will make a world of difference. In other words, form follows function.