Monday, March 13, 2017

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There is an anticipated storm approaching that may affect our Tuesday morning and afternoon classes.  We will make a determination by 8pm on Monday for the Tuesday morning classes.  Please be sure to check the blog and any cancelations will also be reflected on our schedule!

Just a reminder to make sure you submit your score through the games website as well!

WOD for Monday:

Kipping Handstand Push-up Review

2X 10 Deadlifts (aim for one heavy set; aim for a manageable weight and then make your increase from there)*




Deadlifts (225/155lbs)

Handstand Push-ups (sub DB Push Presses)

Score is weight and time.

*Warm-up sets- keep these at sets of 5 and as you get closer to the set of 10 you may opt to do fewer reps.  Rest up to 3-5 minutes in between your sets of 10.

*Not everyday is going to be a max effort day depending on how you are recovering and what days you rested over the weekend.  Listen to your body.  If that means backing off and not going for that 10 extra pounds do this. If you are fresh and your form is there then treat today as any other training day and go for a heavy set of 10!

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