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Olympic Lifting Class Updates:
I have a new coach coming on board in June to run an Oly program that will be expanding to include both Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. More details to come. Between now and then the Monday evening 7:30pm class will be a regular CrossFit class.
I’m in the process of fine tuning details about an Olympic Lifting Clinic led by Cody Burgener for mid May to drop some knowledge bombs!
Sunday Conditioning Classes:
As you know, there have been some transitions with coaches including Alex’s schedule shift and Evan Locke and therefore, Angela Cole will be taking over the Sunday conditioning classes. These will still be programmed by Evan!
Most of you in the evening classes have worked out beside Jon Wier, may have been coached by him when he has subbed classes, and of course have heard of him on our Regional team! He will be stepping up to coach the Tuesday evening classes starting this week.
In an effort to make sure everyone is receiving the attention they deserve with larger classes, we are working to have two coaches for these. Both Angela Cole and Melanie Keer will be assisting some mornings and evenings!
As always, I’m really enjoying seeing all of you progress! Keep up the commitment, take advantage of Kaitlin’s expertise on Saturday at 11am, come to the conditioning classes Sunday if you have missed a workout, and be consistent with your training!
As always, email me directly for any questions or concerns!


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CrossFit Balance Games Wrap-up!
Today was the 4th annual CF Balance Games and a day of great efforts and PRs! Taking a step back and seeing this for the 4th year involving similar participants, lots of new faces there was a high bar set for fitness! Each year the bar for strength, conditioning, and gymnastics skills increases and this was reflected in this group! I’m not only amazed by the remarkable PRS, but I think several of you can agree that under pressure and also with the support of others you surprise yourselves with what you can accomplish! This may be in your overall capacity to handle the volume in the given day, or accomplish a gymnastics skill under fatigue, get your first muscle-up, or hit a 20lb PR after 3 block runs!
A very big congrats to all of you and some special shouts outs including to the top 3 finishers:
1) Shane O’Donnell
2.) Lars Pettygrove
3.) Jim Royce
1.) Christina Clarke
2.) Whittney Tom
3.) Julia Synder
Julia got her first muscle-up today and then 10 more after in Event 4! Angela got 10 muscle-ups after also tackling a first ring muscle-up recently! Whittney just got her first muscle-up this past week and was nailing them today! Lars, Amanda, Jamie, JP, Whittney, and Christina all had clean and jerk PRs.
Special shout out to all these athletes representing the fitness at CF Balance from the Open, tackling a variety of challenges today, and most of all making the environment what it was today!
It was a pleasure to see you all crush this today and looking forward to seeing you continue to improve this year!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

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SPECIAL GYMNASTICS DAY WITH KAITLIN HARDY!  We will be programming gymnastics work for both the 10am and 11am class.  Expect two class opportunities to hammer muscle-up progressions and other supplemental work with Kaitlin’s guidance and expertise!

Progressions and lot of skill work…

Followed by a partner wod 16 minute AMRAP:

15 Ring Dips

30 Wall Balls

15 Pull-ups

30 Alternating Lunges (Option for pistols)

*One person working, one person resting.


Friday, April 28, 2017

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WOD for Friday:

EMOM for 15 minutes (5 sets of below):

Minute 1- 5 Deadlifts (Choose a weight to complete unbroken for 5 sets*)

Minute 2- Max Handstand Push-ups (Options include DB Shoulder Press and Push-ups too)

Minute 3- 20 Hollow Rocks

*Depending on your work of workouts and recovery- today’s weight may vary from 65-75% of your 1RM.


5X7-12 Side Plank Leg Raises per leg

-Rest as needed in between-

Post total number of hspu for score.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

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WOD for Thursday:

*Note to morning classes- If you were here on Wednesday and completed the Ghost I”ve provided a variation for you all to complete as a team of 2.

Back Squats


2 rounds for time:

150 Double-unders

50 DB Snatches (50/35lbs)

Morning Variation for those who completed the Ghost: (one person working, the other resting) 2 rounds for time:

50 Calorie Row/option to Assault Bike

50 DB Snatches or D-Balls with Partner

50 Pull-ups

Post heaviest back squat load and time.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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WOD for Wednesday:

Today we are switching gears to a long conditioning workout with a partner! Embrace today as a long one, but one where you can work hard and then be rewarded with some rest!  It’s definitely a different mentality to share the work with another and great and important change of pace based on both Monday and Tuesday’s workouts!

Teams of 2 complete 2 rounds of the following: (one person working, the other resting!)

50 Box Jumps (24/20in)

50 Pull-ups (Ring Rows)

50 KB Goblet Squats (70/54lbs or 54/35lbs)

50 Kettlebell Swings- full range of motion- American style for Rx’d

50 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)

50 Row for Calories

50 Ab Mat Sit-ups

50 Burpees

-Other option is to complete as an individual and reduce the reps to 25.

-KB Swing weight- opt for a weight you can complete at least 10 reps unbroken.

-Scale as needed with movements and range of motion.  We can always get creative with integrating the assault bike and this will be a great workout regardless of teaming up with someone who is approaching the movement with a different weight etc!

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Schedule Updates:

Coach Alex has had to change up his schedule and for the upcoming months is unable to coach the Oly class along with both the 5 and 6pm classes moving forward. I have an excellent coach who I plan on introducing to everyone come June with the hope that we will be adding one more oly class offered both on Monday and Wednesday.

Melanie will be coming on board who you all have worked with in both the morning and evening classes as well!

I will keep you posted on any schedule updates and of course update on Motion Soft each week soo that you all can see who is coaching!

Kaitlin is back this week for Gymnastics!

WOD for Tuesday:

Don’t be fooled by these below work sets.  Althought we are going heavy and ending on singles, below is a good amount volume of barbell cycling.  We want to make sure we don’t overestimate our weight and compromise our form, therefore if you are debating about a load and torn, opt for something a bit lighter.

Think of below as three mini met cons that we are pacing and aiming for a weight to move well on all of them!

EMOM for 5 minutes (30 total reps)

6 Snatch (you may opt to do power snatches or full squat snatches; aim for consistency with sets)

* Choose a weight you can Touch and Go! *

Rest 1 min

EMOM for 5 minutes: (15 total reps)

3 Snatch (Medium)

* Choose a weight you can Touch and Go! *

Rest 1 min

Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes: (10 total reps)

1 Snatch (Heavy)


Accumulate 5 minutes- Plank Hold (from elbows)

*Above workout compliments of CF Mayhem!

Monday, April 24, 2017

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WOD for Monday:

Push Press


*Work up to a heavy set of 3

Then…Complete for time:


Push Press (115/85lbs)

Toes to Bar*

When scaling consider total number of reps:

54 Reps of Push Press and Toes to Bar

Variations/scaling for Toes to Bar include: GHD sit-ups, Hanging Knee Raises (V-ups or Ab Mat Sit-ups)

Score is weight on push press and time.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Reminder that today’s Gymnastic’s class is cancelled.

Big shout out to Jim Royce who is competing in the Master’s Qualifier’s this weekend!  He tackled one the events today!

WOD for Saturday:

Complete for time:

800m Run

3 rounds:

10 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35lbs); may power or muscle snatch

10 Box Overs (24/20in)

800m Run

2 rounds:

15 Alternating DB Snatch

15 Box Overs

800m Run

1 round:

30 Alternating DB Snatch

30 Box Overs

*Total of reps- Snatches= 90; Box-overs= 90

Score is time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

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THIS SATURDAY- We will not be holding the gymnastics class this Saturday (based on Kaitlin’s travel).
Be ready for a spicy met con involving some running if the weather is permitting.  Based on the forecast looks like we are in for some rain and if that’s the case we will be inside!

WOD for Friday:

4 rounds for time:

15 Chest to Bar or Chin over Bar Kipping Pull-ups/or Ring Rows

10 DB Front Rack Lunges (50/35lbs)**

15 Handstand Push-ups/or Pike Push-ups or DB Shoulder Press

Post time for score.

*Scale to ring rows.

**Depending on class size, we may diversify wod with walking lunges

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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CrossFit Balance Games- Come out to cheer on athletes, hang out, and connect!  We will still be holding a 9am class at TC (grab a workout then cheer!)
Saturday, April 29th. 
10am-3pm at Thomas Circle. 

CrossFit Balance Spikeball Tournament-
Saturday, May 13th at 12pm TC.
Cost $50/team, teams of 2.
A keg will be provided and awesome prizes will be given to best team and best team costume!
*All proceeds will go to help CrossFit Balance Team to Regionals!

Flex On the Mall- We have a sign up for those interested and looking to form teams on the whiteboard.  This event will sell out quick, soo it’s up to you all to connect and I can help to rally some folks and then sign up!
Saturday, June 17th.
Teams of 4, 2 gals/2 bros. Scale and RX division.
Afterparty details are coming soon!

WOD for Thursday:

10 rounds of:
Pull a sub-1:30/500-m pace for as long as possible
Rest 1 minute

Post time maintained each round to comments.

Scale pace time as needed- aim to scale for something that you can hold first set between 45-60 seconds.

*Courtesy of CF Mainsite.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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WOD for Wednesday:

Complete for time: “Grace +”*

30 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105lbs)

Core work:

Alternating Tabata:

20 Seconds Hollow Rocks

10 Seconds Rest

20 Seconds Superman

Post time for score.

*Grace- is prescribed as 135/95lbs.  For those of you doing Rx’d this workout should be a bit heavier.  If you scale Grace, use that weight and record for a benchmark.  This should be under 10 minutes if you properly scale the weight.  You should be able to do fresh 3 Clean& Jerks unbroken with the weight (don’t need to approach this way in the workout).  You may opt to do quick singles and still be very efficient with a fast pace.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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WOD for Tuesday:

Today is a great day for an average length conditioning piece, integrating double-unders under fatigue (but for those of you just getting these a rep range that is manageable finally!), and some pulling strength work all in one!

There are a lot of options for scaling, soo listen to your coaches and ask!

15 minute AMRAP:

Complete complex: (aim to be unbroken; option to lower reps)

2 Strict Pull-ups

4 Kipping Pull-ups

6 Toes to Bar

-or 1 Peg Board Ascent or 1-3 Muscle-ups

10 Burpees

20 Double-unders

*Options- Peg Board (scaling the height/ascent too) and Muscle-ups.  Scaling for today- Jumping Pull-ups (negatives as an option) and then knees to elbows or 5 Ring Rows and 7 Hanging Knee Raises (or ab mat sit-ups or v-ups)

Shoulder Scap work: 3 rounds (not for time, quality*)

10-15X Ys/prone Y front raises

10-15X Rotator Retractions either prone on a bench or standing

15-20 Band Pull Aparts

2:00 minutes

*No time above- rest as needed between movements (aim to take a brief rest between movements-30 seconds-and then up to 2:00 minutes after complete set.  Focus on quality if you find you are having a hard time with keeping form- scap retracted during the reps then shave off the reps as needed (don’t feel the need to go to the high end of the prescribed rep range).

Score is total rounds.