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Post workout meal- Several of you have asked me about this and wanted to pass along….
For those of you looking to make some changes in your nutrition and who are here grinding daily through workouts the post workout meal is sometimes overlooked. Many times we just overlook the prepping that goes into it or not picking the right things.
After I train in the morning I eat the following like clock work….
-4 egg whites
-roughly two servings of oatmeal (one cup- around 55-60 grams of carbs)
-one slice of bacon- ½ serving of fat (important to keep this low- around 5 grams of fat)
Generally we are looking for:
*post healthy carbs (depending on goals- if you are looking to lose bodyfat and the workout/volume this may be lower around 25-30 grams compared to my two servings). Healthy carbs includes: oatmeal, fruit, rice, sweet potatoes (I usually do oatmeal, low carb tortillas, or sweet potatoes)
*protein- around 2- 4ounces roughly (any lean sources egg whites, chicken breast, turkey breast, any fish, meat 90% or leaner
*fat- really low (if you have an whole egg that is sufficient)
Most important part is to have this planned and on deck. I find that I grab a protein bar when I’m on the goal, but find this isn’t as filling or ideal to the above macros.

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