Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Wishing PJ best of luck!  Today is PJ’s last day coaching with us!  Wishing him well and thanking him for making Saturday workouts always challenging and fun!

WOD for Saturday: PJ’s last day!

REGIONALS EVENT #5 (modified slightly)

For time (Team of 3):

125 Pull-ups (one teammate holds barbell 185/125lbs))/Scale to Ring Rows

100 Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises (one teammate holds barbell)

100 DB Overhead Squats (50/35lbs)* (only 1 person working at a time)

300 Double-unders (only 1 person working at a time)

Pull-ups/Toes to Bar-Maintain rotate as follows and stay in the following order:

P1- Completes Set of Pull-ups

P2- Hangs

P3- Rests

(P3 will then move to set of pull-ups, P1 to Barbell Hold, P2 to rest…)

*Rx’d load for regionals athletes is 80/55lbs.  Use a load that you are comfortable performing at least 5 reps.  There is no requirement to alternate arms either.  Make sure you are able to achieve proper depth.

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