Thursday, April 20, 2017

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CrossFit Balance Games- Come out to cheer on athletes, hang out, and connect!  We will still be holding a 9am class at TC (grab a workout then cheer!)
Saturday, April 29th. 
10am-3pm at Thomas Circle. 

CrossFit Balance Spikeball Tournament-
Saturday, May 13th at 12pm TC.
Cost $50/team, teams of 2.
A keg will be provided and awesome prizes will be given to best team and best team costume!
*All proceeds will go to help CrossFit Balance Team to Regionals!

Flex On the Mall- We have a sign up for those interested and looking to form teams on the whiteboard.  This event will sell out quick, soo it’s up to you all to connect and I can help to rally some folks and then sign up!
Saturday, June 17th.
Teams of 4, 2 gals/2 bros. Scale and RX division.
Afterparty details are coming soon!

WOD for Thursday:

10 rounds of:
Pull a sub-1:30/500-m pace for as long as possible
Rest 1 minute

Post time maintained each round to comments.

Scale pace time as needed- aim to scale for something that you can hold first set between 45-60 seconds.

*Courtesy of CF Mainsite.

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