Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Flex on the Mall this Saturday!

SCHEDULE UPDATES: Saturday classes will be canceled based on all coaches participating and supporting everyone! We will be holding the Sunday conditioning classes at 10 and 11am. There is also the option to workout at either Foggy Bottom or Thomas Circle. Check out the schedule for classes.

COME OUT AND HANG! This is a big event that many of the CrossFit Balance members across all of our locations will be participating/competing in! It’s a great social event and I hope if any of you are around, you will come down to the Mall to hang out with everyone! Look for the CF Balance black/yellow tent!

LOOKING FOR A TEAM? There are still some teams looking to fill some posts. Please check out the Facebook pages- Thomas Circle, Foggy, and ours if you are still looking on joining a team. Think of it as a fun day to workout on the Mall with some fellow crossfitters!

The event starts around 9:30am and goes until 4:30pm.

Flex Post Party will be at Sauf Haus!

Come mingle with athletes and coaches!

WOD for Wednesday:

Shoulder Press


Push Press


Split Jerk


Barbell Bent over Rows

10-10-10 (use the same weight across sets focusing on form)

Record heaviest lift of each.

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