Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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WOD for Tuesday:

Today is a great day for an average length conditioning piece, integrating double-unders under fatigue (but for those of you just getting these a rep range that is manageable finally!), and some pulling strength work all in one!

There are a lot of options for scaling, soo listen to your coaches and ask!

15 minute AMRAP:

Complete complex: (aim to be unbroken; option to lower reps)

2 Strict Pull-ups

4 Kipping Pull-ups

6 Toes to Bar

-or 1 Peg Board Ascent or 1-3 Muscle-ups

10 Burpees

20 Double-unders

*Options- Peg Board (scaling the height/ascent too) and Muscle-ups.  Scaling for today- Jumping Pull-ups (negatives as an option) and then knees to elbows or 5 Ring Rows and 7 Hanging Knee Raises (or ab mat sit-ups or v-ups)

Shoulder Scap work: 3 rounds (not for time, quality*)

10-15X Ys/prone Y front raises

10-15X Rotator Retractions either prone on a bench or standing

15-20 Band Pull Aparts

2:00 minutes

*No time above- rest as needed between movements (aim to take a brief rest between movements-30 seconds-and then up to 2:00 minutes after complete set.  Focus on quality if you find you are having a hard time with keeping form- scap retracted during the reps then shave off the reps as needed (don’t feel the need to go to the high end of the prescribed rep range).

Score is total rounds.

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