Why CrossFit Glover Park?

CrossFit Balance: Glover Park is a very unique gym. We are here to help you accomplish your goals, whether that be to increase quality of life, advance your athletic ability, or increase your overall strength.

We Are Family


Each class will consist of an athletic dynamic warm up, a strength or skill building period, a WOD (workout of the day), and a cool/stretch. We separate ourselves from the competition by providing an awesome in-class experience, fantastic experienced coaches, and with CrossFit membership you are a Balance Gym General Gym member.

Passport Membership Included

We want you to become the best athlete you can be, often times just classes are not enough. Your CrossFit membership allows you access to CrossFit Balance Glover Park, and CrossFit Foggy Bottom  classes. Plus all four Balance Gym locations for use of the weight room, yoga, Pilates, and bootcamp classes on your own. We will encourage use of all of Balance’s modalities for you to reach your health goals.